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b'25-50 ton 2. Our crane scales are versatile, economic, and heavy-duty solutions for both overhead material handling and even the hand-held hanging weighing applications. Our robust suspension scales features include a rechargeable battery, Standard remote control, aluminum-casting case, visible LED display. the crane weighing scale is also ...'

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b'Overhead Track Scale HBW Crane scales / Hanging scales, Weighing equipment for meat processing Overhead Track Scale HBW is a compact monorail-scale, can be simply integrated...'

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b'With a wide range of capabilities and options, crane scales make it easy to measure suspended loads in process. Designed with safety in mind, crane scales typically feature a remote control that allows operation at a safe distance. This type of overhead weighing equipment\xe2\x80\x99s rotating hooks with safety catches ensure stability and security.'

Monorail Scales

b'Monorail scales allow overhead weighing on monorail track systems. They are tough, accurate overhead scales that cut costly production line interruptions. Tough Weigh Bar design: Provides consistently accurate weight readings day after day.'

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b'Special monorail sections include lift drop sections to raise and lower the hoist and trolleys, interlocks to interlock the monorail with an overhead crane, and weight scale sections to weigh a load while it is suspended from the monorail.'

Advanced Weighing Systems

b'Utah. (801) - 942 - 3465. 3655 South 700 West Salt Lake City, Utah 84119.'

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b'Crane scales / Hanging scales. Products: 11. Electronic unster OCS-20B Solid unster with 30 kg capacity, version not for legal trade. Equipped with temperature measuring f... Crane scale KS-II / KS-III Crane unster KS-II is a hanging crane scale with weighing capacities of 0 \xe2\x80\x93 600 kg up to 1500... Crane Scale KW-B Capacities up to 1500 kg, CE ...'

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b'LiftingSafety offer online three main categories; Crane Weighers to a maximum capacity of 35 tonne which have a master ring and a swivel hook built in to the body of the cell, the master ring connects to the hoisting hook and the swivel hook to the load. The Crane weigher permanently displays the load in a large LED or LCD onboard display.'