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b'Aicrane AQ-NLH European-style bridge crane is a new type of double-beam bridge crane that adopts FEM standard. The crane has light weight, compact structure, stable performance and low noise. It can greatly reduce the cost of the warehouse, and can also free up more space for the lifting height, thereby .'

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b'End carrager as supporting beam of the main beam of the double beam bridge crane. Support the main beam, and transmit the load of the main beam to the crane rail via wheels. Use box-shaped structural beams or welded by channel steel. An angular bearing seat and a buffer are installed on the end beam.'

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b'The double rope grab is applicable for cranes equipped with double lifting device structure, which is mainly used in port, dock and bridge construction. According to material characteristics, choose light, medium, heavy or over-heavy types of grabs for various loose accumulations.'

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b'QZ Grab Bucket Overhead Crane is mainly consisted with bridge frame, crane travelling mechanism, trolley, electric equipments, grab weight .Widely used in power station, storage, workshop and port, to load or unload some scattered objects. Its lifting capacity includes the grab weight.'

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b'The double beam overhead crane with hook can handle a considerable amount of weight within your facilities, ranging from 5 ton to 450 ton. To meet your heavier lifting applications or special requirements, the double girder crane can be custom designed and built. Double girder crane can realize a greater'

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b'Double Beam Gantry Crane manufacturer . MG Double Beam Gantry Crane manufacturer adopt FEM European advanced standards of Double Beam Gantry Crane manufacturer design and Double Beam Gantry Crane manufacturer. the rated lifting weight is 3T~320t. compare with the general MG Double'

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b'When the lifting capacity is more than 10 tons, the double beam gantry crane is more often equipped with two sets of lifting mechanisms, that is, the main and auxiliary hoisting mechanisms. The former performs the main lifting work, and the latter is used to lift lighter loads or do auxiliary work so as to improve .'

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b'QD electric double beam heavy duty EOT crane is widely used for lifting machinery currently. It is mainly comprised of box-shape Bridge, crane crab trolley traveling mechanism and electric control system. The load handling devices is the hook. On the laid rails for crab to transversely move. The is weld with the box-shaped end .'